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Website Pricing

Web Package, Inclusions, & Add-ons

Have the flexibility to personalize, upgrade, or easily maintain your own website. We’ll help you save and grow your business!

✔ Choose your template.
✔ Own your content.
✔ Pay only for what you need.
✔ Easily update your own website.
✔ Blog & eCommerce ready.
✔ No hidden fees.

✔ Free stock photos.
✔ Free UX/UI review.
✔ Free Security Plugins.
✔ Free Domain.*
✔ Free SSL/LE.*
✔ Free support.

• Add $80/year for Domain & Hosting.*
• Up to 10 photos or icons per page.
• Up to 5 lines for the contact page.
• Optional cyber-security.
• Additional fee for photo editing.
• Additional fee for site maintenance.

* Domain & Hosting are required but we can use your existing domain or hosting plan.
*Optional cybersecurity by Sucuri is $250/year. It’s a third-party service, much like how Norton or Mcafee works.
*Free Domain and SSL is offered through SiteGround Hosting.

Pricing Standard

IMPORTANT: Additional $80 for Domain & Hosting for all plans, unless you already have one.


  • $300/mo
  • Home
    Basic Contact
    + 5 Any Post/Page
    + 5 Sidebars functionality

    * One-time payment
    *You own everything!


  • $1000/mo
  • Home
    Contact with 10 Fields
    + 10 Any Page
    + 10 Sidebars Functionality
    + Home page header animation

    * One-time payment
    *You own everything!


  • $20/Hr
  • Home
    Contact with Field

    * On top of the Standard setup fee.
    * Additional $20 per hour for
    special effects, complicated images.
    *You own everything!