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Website Services

Website Services

Web Package, Pricing, and Inclusions

Get a professional website and own all privileges!

✔ We’ll create and set up everything for you.
✔ Own your domain, hosting, rights, and privileges.
✔ Move to another provider anytime you want.
✔ Maintain or upgrade your site anytime.

Basic: $100

• Up to 2 Posts/Pages + Home page.
• Up to 2 sidebars (widgets such as Facebook and link).
• Basic Contact Page

Standard: Starting at $500

• Up to 10 Post/Pages + 2 FREE.
• Up to 10 sidebars (widget) functionality.
• Contact page form.
• With home page header animation from a template.

• Free stock photos.
• Free link to Social Media.
• Free SSL/LE, Security Plugins.
• You own 100% of your website.
• Free support/edits for 60 days.
• Add/Edit or maintain your own site after.
• Additional fee for photo/image animation.
• Basic Contact Page includes Name, Email, Telephone, Message.
• Basic Form includes up to 5 questions, radio buttons, or multiple selections.

• Add $20 for Domain registration* per year.
• Free Hosting* for domains registered through us.
• Add $30 per page with up to 5 visual.
• Add $10 per side widget functionality.
* We can use your existing domain and host.
* You can choose yor own hosting.
* Domain & Hosting are requred for a website.

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